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Hi, I'm Bobby-Jo

My greatest passion is capturing our amazing planet and its occupants with my camera. I specialise in wildlife photography.

​I have been a photographer since the age of five, when I snuck my parent’s disposable camera to take random photographs of my childhood home and surroundings. I always loved my mother's reaction when she had the photos developed!

After finishing school, I completed a Certificate lll in Photography and as a graduation present to myself I booked a trip to Africa - which changed my life! I was absolutely mesmerised by the African landscape, people and its wildlife. On my return, I became very serious about photographing wildlife - so serious that I recognised I also needed to work closely with it. I have subsequently spent the past 15 years working with the most amazing animals and people, and my career has provided me with some wonderful photographic opportunities.

Please feel free to browse through my images and contact me if you are interested in my photography. Most of the images are available for sale.

I am also co-director of Duma Safaris which offers photographic safaris throughout Africa & India.

You can find out more information by visiting our website & Facebook Page:



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